PROST - Herbactive health protection you can start today

PROST - The Preventive Method of Herbactive Herbal Medicine

A protective method you can start today

PROST - Preventive Rotational Organ Strengthening Technique

HERBACTIVE Herbal Method…
embody the understanding that it is better to stay healthy and happy than to get ill and search for a cure, otherwise known as prevention is better than cure.
Based on his long clinical experience Alan Hopking has therefore developed a unique method of rotating his unique herbal health tonics through the 12 months of the year as a life investment. He calls it the Preventive Rotational Organ Strengthening Technique (PROST).

Prost comes from Latin prosit “may it be beneficial”, from prodesse “to be useful”. Prost is the origin of the "toast"—in the sense of "drink a toast to someone". Likewise in our meaning of Prost we wish to keep ourselves at the peak of health not only for our own happiness and cheer, but also for the happiness of our nearest and dearest. Let’s drink to that. Prost! Cheers! Three cheers!

What does PROST mean?
PROST means Preventive Rotational Organ Strengthening Technique.

How does PROST work?
The method of preventive treatment that Alan Hopking recommends is that by rotating the HERBACTIVE Health Tonics through our systems and organs on a month-by-month basis we can keep them at their optimal functional state.
In this way we prevent the accumulation of toxic stagnation by regulating and restoring normal organ function. With PROST the tonics cleanse the tissues and cells of the systems of the body throughout the year: the ultimate preventive health insurance. You keep your body and mind in optimal condition. As the old saying goes, a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prost!

What does the treatment method involve?
The method is based on the low-dose long-term strategy. At the beginning of each month you start a different set of Herbal Health Tonics. The dose that we recommend is 1 teaspoonful (5ml) twice daily (or 10ml once daily). A 300ml tonic will last a month at 10ml daily. Some people may want to use 2 or 3 tonics per month with a dose of 10ml three times daily (10ml of each tonic once daily). This is fine and can be additionally beneficial of course. Now look at the available tonics for each month, see below.

Each Organ System has a Month with PROST.
There are 12 unique systems of the body, one each attributed to each month by Alan Hopking.
Each month select one or two or three tonics to take. The next year choose a different set of tonics per month.

The exception
ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus is recommended to be taken every day, every month, throughout the year by Alan Hopking. Again the principle of low-dose long-term applies: you need only take half a teaspoon of the powder per day.
This amazing powder containing 50 nutritional herbal powders is essential for your health on a cellular level. For more information about this powder click on the link on the list on the right.
You may also like to enjoy Herbactive unique herbal tea for daily enjoyment and health, called Paradise Garden Tea

The PROST Months of Organs and Tonics
If you want more information about any of the tonics click on the list on the right.
Each herbal health tonic is a specific mixture of herbs for the particular system or organ or condition (eg cholesterol)

Circulatory system: pumping and channelling blood to and from the body and lungs with heart, blood, and blood vessels.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: Heart & Circulation. BloodCleanser. CholesterolLess.
SECONDARY TONICS: LegUlcerLess; Palpitations; VeinLess, Cellulitis.

Digestive System: digestion and processing of food with salivary glands, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, and anus.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: WormLess (parasites). (Total) Detox. WeightLess. .
SECONDARY TONICS: Anorexia; Coeliac; ColitisLess; ColonCleanse Powder; FissureLess Powder; HeartBurnLess; HerbaLax; HP-Less; IBS-Less; Kombucha Tea; LGS-Less (Leaky Gut Syndrome); MotionLess (Travel Sickness); MouthShield MouthWash and Gargle; MoveLess; MoveMore 1; MoveMore 2; MoveMore XS; PileLess; WindLess. InflammationLess

Endocrine system: communication within the body using hormones made by endocrine glands such as the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroids, and adrenals.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: EndocrineSeven. SEER EHA. Adrenal Tonic.
SECONDARY TONICS: MelasmaLess Tonic (excess pigmentation); VitiligoLess Tonic (loss of pigmentation); SweatLess; ThyroidLess (for hyperthyroidism, Graves); ThyroidMore (for hypothyroidism, myxoedema).

Integumentary system: skin, hair and nails.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: SkinClear. AgeLess.  HairMoreMen (or HaerHaer for women) with Bhringaraj Hair Oil.
SECONDARY TONICS: ColdSore Lotion; FungalLess; HeadLice Lotion with Quassia; LiceLess; PsoriasisLess; Rosacea; SpotLess; WartLess and lotion.

Immune system: the system that fights off disease; composed of leukocytes, tonsils, adenoids, thymus, and spleen.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: HerbShield. Essiac (known as Caisse-ACT). InfectionLess.
SECONDARY TONICS: ColdLess AntiViral. Synergy Pluss. AIDS-Less; Allergies (not hayfever); HayFeverLess; InfectionLess Tonic; MalariaShield; Noni Juice; TireLess; Wheatgrass.

Lymphatic system: structures involved in the transfer of lymph between tissues and the blood stream, the lymph and the nodes and vessels that transport it.
THE PRIMARY TONICS: LymphCleanse. SpleenShield.

Hepatic System: liver, gallbladder, pancreas.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: LiverDetox. BittersMore. .PancreasMore
SECONDARY TONICS: GallStoneLess; LiverDetox Herb Tea; AlcoholLess (Kudzu) Tonic; Hepatitis C.

Nervous system: collecting, transferring and processing information with brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and nerves
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: NerveShield. BrainMore. WorryLess.
SECONDARY TONICS ; DepressionLess; EnergyMore; Epilepsy; ForgetLess; HeadacheLess; HearMore (for deafness); Hi-10-NGen Blend; MentalPepTalk; MigraineLess;; Neuralgia Lotion; Parkinsons Tonic; SciaticaLess; SeeMore; SleepMore; SoundLess; Whole Body-Mind Tonic .

Reproductive system: the sex organs
Female: ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, mammary glands,
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: Women: BreastShield. Herbal VW (Women). PMS-Less.
SECONDARY TONICS BreastMore; ; EndometriosisLess; Fertility (Women); Fertility Tonic for Women with Fibroids; FibroidsLess; FlushLess; HairLess (women); Miscarriage Tonic; MilkMore; MorningSickness; PCOS-Less (polycystic ovary syndrome); ThrushLess (Candida).

Male: testes, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate, and penis.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: Herbal V8. ProstateLess. ProTest.
SECONDARY TONICS Fertility (Men); HaIrMoreMen & Lotion; PE-Less.Testos4Torros

Respiratory system: the organs used for breathing, the pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, and diaphragm.
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: LungShield-COPD. CatarrhLess. BronchiShield.
SECONDARY TONICS: BreathLess; CoughLess Tonic; Cough Syrup; LungShield – Proventative against Cancer (specific); Nasal Congestion and Sinusitis Drops; SmokeLess; Smoking Mixture; SnoreLess.

Musculoskeletal system: movement with muscles and human skeleton (structural support and protection with bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons).
THE 3 PRIMARY TONICS: BoneMore. PainLess Joints. SportSupport.
SECONDARY TONICS: BodyBuild Organic Powder; CystLess; EyeDrops (for an Eye Bath); FrozenShoulder; GoutLess; LumbagoLess; MuscleMore; PainLess Joints Lotion; ProlapseLess .

Urinary system: kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra involved in fluid balance, electrolyte balance and excretion of urine.
SECONDARY TONICS: CystitisLess; IC-Less (interstitial cystitis); IncoLess (bladder incontinence); StoneLess (Kidney); WaterLess; WaterMore.

Turn over a new leaf
Start now! What's the month? Select the tonic(s) you need and start cleansing your cells and organs to prevent future ill health. To be happy you need to be healthy. Illness and disease is suffering, distressing and unnecessary. Turn over a new leaf!

Do you have a friend in need?
Preventive Rotational Organ Strengthening Technique (PROST) is a gift you can start them off on.

Alan Hopking has been practising herbal medicine rotation ever since he was a medical student - over 35 years!

Print this out for yourself and start PROST protection. One (or 3) tonic(s) of 300ml each month. There's enough of a range to last you all your life. Every year start a new rotation of our highest quality no-nonsense herbal tonics.

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Our herbal tonic medicines are carefully prepared on a personal and individual basis for your healing by medical herbalist Alan Hopking MA MNIMH FINEH.

Only whole herbs are used in our herbal medicines. Nothing else is added. If you have symptoms which you consider might be helped with herbal medicine please contact herbal practitioner Alan Hopking for a friendly confidential professional consultation. See terms and fees.

Once you have received your herbal prescription you can contact Alan Hopking at any time for more free advice (preferably by email). When you have completed your bottle of herbal medicine and if you want a repeat prescription you are requested to phone or email so that your progress can be assessed and adjustments made if necessary so that there is no break in your treatment. To order or re-order, click here.

MRCHM - see Alan Hopking's statement about renouncing his association with membership of this organisation

HERBACTIVE Centre of Herbal Medicine, England, UK. Freephone 0800 0834436

General advice to consumers on the use of herbal remedies from the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

From the website of the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ( Department of Health, UK

• Remember that herbal remedies are medicines. As with any other medicine they are likely to have an effect on the body and should be used with care. • Herbal remedies may sometimes interact with other medicines. This makes it particularly important to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking a herbal remedy with other medicines such as prescribed medicines (those provided through your doctor or dentist). • Treat with caution any suggestion that a herbal remedy is '100% safe' or is 'safe because it is natural'. Many plants, trees, fungi and algae can be poisonous to humans. It is worth remembering that many pharmaceuticals have been developed or derived from these sources because of the powerful compounds they contain. Any medicine, including herbal remedies, which have an effect on the body should be used with care. • Treat with caution any herbalist or other person who supplies herbal remedies if they are unwilling or unable to provide written information, in English, listing the ingredients of the herbal remedy they are providing. • If you are due to have a surgical operation you should always remember to tell your doctor about any herbal remedy that you are taking. • Anyone who has previously experienced any liver complaint, or any other serious health complaint is advised not to take any herbal remedy without speaking to their doctor first.


Pregnant/Breast-feeding mothers

Few conventional medicines have been established as safe to take during pregnancy and it is generally recognised that no medicine should be taken unless the benefit to the mother outweighs any possible risk to the foetus. This rule should also be applied to herbal medicinal products. However, herbal products are often promoted to the public as being “natural” and completely “safe” alternatives to conventional medicines. Some herbal ingredients that specifically should be avoided or used with caution during pregnancy. As with conventional medicines, no herbal products should be taken during pregnancy unless the benefit outweighs the potential risk.

Volatile Oils

Many herbs are traditionally reputed to be abortifacient and for some this reputation can be attributed to their volatile oil component.(6) A number of volatile oils are irritant to the genito-urinary tract if ingested and may induce uterine contractions. Herbs that contain irritant volatile oils include ground ivy, juniper, parsley, pennyroyal, sage, tansy and yarrow. Some of these oils contain the terpenoid constituent, thujone, which is known to be abortifacient. Pennyroyal oil also contains the hepatotoxic terpenoid constituent, pulegone. A case of liver failure in a woman who ingested pennyroyal oil as an abortifacient has been documented.


A stimulant or spasmolytic action on uterine muscle has been documented for some herbal ingredients including blue cohosh, burdock, fenugreek, golden seal, hawthorn, jamaica dogwood, motherwort, nettle, raspberry, and vervain. Herbal Teas Increased awareness of the harmful effects associated with excessive tea and coffee consumption has prompted many individuals to switch to herbal teas. Whilst some herbal teas may offer pleasant alternatives to tea and coffee, some contain pharmacologically active herbal ingredients, which may have unpredictable effects depending on the quantity of tea consumed and strength of the brew. Some herbal teas contain laxative herbal ingredients such as senna, frangula, and cascara. In general stimulant laxative preparations are not recommended during pregnancy and the use of unstandardised laxative preparations is particularly unsuitable. A case of hepatotoxicity in a newborn baby has been documented in which the mother consumed a herbal tea during pregnancy as an expectorant. Following analysis the herbal tea was reported to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are known to be hepatotoxic.

Breast-feeding mothers

A drug substance taken by a breast-feeding mother presents a hazard if it is transferred to the breast milk in pharmacologically or toxicologically significant amounts. Limited information is available regarding the safety of conventional medicines taken during breast-feeding. Much less information exists for herbal ingredients, and generally the use of herbal remedies is not recommended during lactation.

Paediatric Use

Herbal remedies have traditionally been used to treat both adults and children. Herbal remedies may offer a milder alternative to some conventional medicines, although the suitability of a herbal remedy needs to be considered with respect to quality, safety and efficacy. Herbal remedies should be used with caution in children and medical advice should be sought if in doubt. Chamomile is a popular remedy used to treat teething pains in babies. However, chamomile is known to contain allergenic sesquiterpene lactones and should therefore be used with caution. The administration of herbal teas to children needs to be considered carefully and professional advice may be needed.

Perioperative use

The need for patients to discontinue herbal medicinal products prior to surgery has recently been proposed. The authors considered eight commonly used herbal medicinal products (echinacea, ephedra, garlic, ginkgo, ginseng, kava, St John’s Wort, valerian). On the evidence available they concluded that the potential existed for direct pharmacological effects, pharmacodynamic interactions and pharmacokinetic interactions. The need for physicians to have a clear understanding of the herbal medicinal products being used by patients and to take a detailed history was highlighted. The American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) has advised patients to tell their doctor if they are taking herbal products before surgery and has reported that a number of anaesthesiologists have reported significant changes in heart rate or blood pressure in some patients who have been taking herbal medicinal products including St John’s Wort, ginkgo and ginseng. MCA is currently investigating a serious adverse reaction associated with the use of ginkgo prior to surgery. In this case, the patient who was undergoing hip replacement experienced uncontrolled bleeding thought to be related to the use of ginkgo.

From the website of the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ( Department of Health, UK


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