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ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus — the most complete organic nutrient support available anywhere; over 100 whole herbal powders from around the world
AntiViral Lotion Spray, 120ml — Order our unique AntiViral Spray containing over 60% organic grain ethanol, organic Aloe Vera Gel, Wheatgerm Oil and Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil, to spray on your hands, on the shopping basket or trolley handle, on your steering wheel, external door knob, your door postbox, and anywhere you know someone else may have touched. It's an extra precaution against viruses or bacteria and microbes. For external use only. Carry it in your pocket or handbag.
Arnica Cream
Arnica Lotion
Ascorbic acid powder 250g
Astragalus Organic Tincture
Athletes Foot (see FungalLess)
Athrospirea (Spirulina) Organic Powder
Back and Muscle Pain - strong pain-killer and antispasmodic
Bee Propolis Organic Alcohol-free Tincture
Bitters - Swedish (see Swedish Bitters)
Bitters - Your Choice of Herbs — At the check-out in the comments say which is your choice of Chinese Bitter, e.g. Chinese Gentian and Bupleurum, or you will receive these two most popular Chinese Bitters
Black Salve Lotion - extra strong
Black Salve Paste (Ointment) - now even STRONGER! — Now with even stronger bloodroot concentration and includes DMSO the transdermal agent - renowned herbal coarse ointment for tumours and abnormal growths under and on the skin
Black Salve Strong Internal Tonic
Bloodroot Lotion - extra strong — effective to clear growths and polyps
Bloodroot Salve - strong bloodroot action with DMSO — effective to clear growths and polyps
BodyBuild Organic Powder — firms/strengthens/builds/defines muscle
BreathLess Inhaler/Atomiser Mixture 30ml - for asthma and COPD — a spray inhaler mixture with spray attachment; or you can add the mixture to an atomiser (buy from Amazon) for a finer mist spray - for  use to regulate mild asthma (or COPD)
Burns Lotion
Caisse - Dry Formulation — (For serious illness: 4oz=2 week supply, 8oz=1 month supply, 1lb=2 month supply)
Calcium ascorbate 250g powder
Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia) Tincture - NOT AVAILABLE, SORRY. Please come back later
Cannabis Hemp CBD Herb Tea — strengthened by decarboxylation [gentle heating]
Cannabis sativa (high CBD leaf and bud hybrid) tincture

CBD Organic Herb (Bud) Tincture

A lot of positive narrative by experts in the field has been written about this method of treatment viz how effective it is. However, it must be made clear that this is not the concentrated CBD Oil. They are not the same. The tincture is very useful for long-term use, taken on a low dose. All our CBD products are legal in UK as they have less than the legal limit of THC (the constituent that makes one "high") viz 0.2%.

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Cannabis sativa CBD extract Cream
Carpal Cream — a cream for carpal tunnel
Carpal Lotion — a lotion for carpal tunnel
Cellulite Oily Massage Lotion
Chai - Tea of Dreams! — spicy oolong tea made with hot milk (1 cup is 2.5 - 5g)
ColdSore Lotion — apply to clear and heal cold sores quickly
ColonCleanse Powder — gentle sweep to detoxify; tones the bowel
Constipation - go to MoveMore 1, 2, XS or ColonCleanse
COPD - See LungShield
Curcuma root Tincture
Curcumin ultra 500mg providing 100mg curcuminoids 60 tablets
Diarrhoea - go to MoveLess
DMSO — DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide) is a natural organic substance derived from wood. Uses of DMSO with aloe vera gel (1:1 is the same strength as in the living plant) as a lotion or cream:

Arthritic pain and swollen joints - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for painful joints)
Healing Balm Cream - with comfrey root, marigold flowers and 25% DMSO
Muscular injuries - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes comfrey root)
Sensitive skin - 25% DMSO lotion (with marigold petals extract)
Shingles - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes antiviral herbs)
Acne 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for infected spots and to prevent scarring)
Sunburn - 25% DMSO with Aloe Vera Gel (keep some in your medicine cupboard for the summer)
Low back pain - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for nerve pain and muscular spasm)
Sciatica - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for nerve pain)
Cold hands and feet - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs to help capillary dilation)
Inflamed skin - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes anti-inflammatory herbs)
Tendonitis - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes specific anti-inflammatory herbs for painful tendons)
Stiff neck - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes antispasmodic/relaxing herbs)
Muscle cramps - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes cramp bark)
Twisted ankle - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes anti-inflammatory herbs for healing)
Fungal Infections, nails (athletes foot) - 90% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes antifungal herbs)
Skin fungal infections - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for fungal infection, tinea corporis)
Eczema - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for eczema)

For more information about DMSO go to www.herbactive.co.uk/DMSO.php
DMSO 25% Lotion with comfrey root and marigold flowers (made from 99.98% pure DMSO) in
DMSO 60% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO)
DMSO 70% Cream (made from 99.98% pure DMSO) — skin toning/tightening for face, arms, hands (not for sensitive areas)
DMSO 70% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO)
DMSO 90% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO)
Donation — Freewill donation to the work of Herbactive Health (any amount will be gratefully appreciated)
Dryopteris crassirhizoma (Wood Fern rhizome)
Dupuytrens Contracture Lotion — helps to relax trigger finger
Erectile Dysfunction - see Herbal V8
Essiac Caisse -ACT (for life-threatening illness) - (alcohol-free concentrated tincture) (see Caisse-ACT
Euphorbia pekinensis
Eye Health - go to SeeMore
FissureLess Powder (for anal fissures) — safely protect and heal anal fissures
Foot Odour Lotion
Frozen Shoulder Strong Lotion
Fungal Lotion — for application to ringworm and fungal infections on skin or nails
Fungal Nails Cream — with specific antifungal herbs, oils and DMSO
Glaucoma Eye Drops for an eye bath — also see EyeBath
Gout Cream (also for severe arthritic pains) with DMSO
Gout Lotion
Healing Balm Cream (also for burns) - with comfrey root, marigold and DMSO
Hemp CBD Oil

I supply legal hemp compound oil of cannabidiol (CBD) food oil at different entourage strengths (3%, 5%, 20%).
NB buy 30ml get 35ml (5ml free) ! ;
 - buy 50ml get 60ml (10ml free) !

Research suggests it can have a preventative/protective action:
serious illnesses
nausea from chemo and other drug treatments
spasms and pain
muscle tension and pain
bacterial infections
nervous system damage and pain
blood and circulation problems
Crohn's disease and diverticulitis
inflammatory conditions
bone pain
rheumatoid arthritis
antioxidant threat
hearing loss
vision loss
Special offer:
Buy 30ml get 35ml - 5ml FREE!
Buy 50ml get 60ml - 10ml FREE!

Hemp Seed Oil (organic)
HerbaLax — coarse dry mix of strong laxative roots and barks
Herpes Cream
High-10-N-Gen Blend - now even stronger (start on one quarter to one half teaspoon per cup) — a coffee substitute
Hirsuitism go to HairLess
Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2 - 3% (food grade in distilled water) — For more info about the use of H2O2 see the H2O2 page
Hydrogen peroxide 3% spray (food grade) in distilled water
Imuno-strength Drink 500ml with Elderberry, Rosehip and Blackcurrant
Keloid Cream
Keloid Lotion
L-Arginine 1000mg 90 tablets
L-Glutamine 500g powder
Laxatives - go to MoveMore or HerbaLax
LegUlcerLess Poultice — effective for varicose ulcers
LemonSteviaDetox 5-7-Day Programme — Select which parts you wish to order. In case of MoveMore select either 1 or 2.
LiverFlush Programme — includes WormLess, LiverDetox and 100g LiverFlush Herbal Tea, enough for one complete LiverFlush. Plus, for optional Kidney Flush at the same time, order StoneLess Kidneys and TotalDetox Tonic.
Macular degeneration Eye drops for an eye bath — also see EyeBath
Marshmallow Powder
MCT Oil — to help you keep in ketosis, improve your mood and energy, strengthen your immune system and lose weight
Memory enhancement - go to ForgetLess or MentalPepTalk
Menopause - go to FlushLess
Mucuna pruriens Tincture (Velvet bean)
Nasal Congestion Drops - for catarrhal congestion and sinusitis
Nasal Polyps Herbal Drops
Neem leaf organic tincture
Neuralgia Lotion (use with NerveShield) — use topically for neuralgic pain or cramps
Noni (See Morinda officinalis)
Omega 3, 6, and 9 1200mg 120 capsules
OUC-Shield — defending the health of the ovaries, uterus and cervix
PainXS Drops — the strongest herbs for severe pain for any condition anywhere in the body; take only 5-10 drops 1-3 times daily
Paradise Garden Tea (specially mixed by Alan Hopking of Herbactive Health)
Plantar Fasciitis Lotion — this lotion contains anti-inflammatory herbs as well as calendula and comfrey root
Pomegranate concentrate 500ml
Potency Men/Women - see Herbal V8 and Herbal VW
Progesterone Cream (Wild Yam)
Reynauds Cream — a cream for Reynaud's disease
Reynauds Lotion — a lotion for Reynaud's disease
Ringing in the ears (see SoundLess)
Ringworm infections - use Fungal Tonic and Lotion
Scabies and body lice: use LiceLess Tonic and Lotion see Lice
Scar Lotion — a lotion to help improve the look of scar tissue
ScarLess Cream — a specific cream to help improve healing and reduce scar tissue which combines specific cicatrisant (scar healing) herbs, including DMSO.
Scleroderma Cream
Scleroderma Lotion
Seer's EHA — total hormonal endocrine centre balancer
Sex Drive for Women - see Herbal VW
Sexual Stimulants for Men - see Herbal V8, ProTest and Testos4Torros Tonics
Sinusitis - go to Catarrh
SkinClear Soap and Shampoo (see Cosmetics Bodycare and Haircare)
Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Powder
Slippery Elm Powder
Stevia - ACE Liquid Whole Leaf Alcohol-Free Concentrated Extract (ACE) - Organic - (very sweet)
Stevia Drops, Clear, ACT (alcohol-free)
Stevia Leaf Whole Fine Green Powder (Organic) — natural sweetener to replace sugar; no calories
Stevia Powder, White (includes a FREE shaker bottle)
Stevia refill: empty refillable Dropper Bottles
Swedish Bitters, Alcohol-Free Extract
Swedish Bitters, Dry
Swedish Bitters, Tincture
Swine Flu Anti-Viral - see ColdLess
Telangiectasias Cream — small visible blood vessels on the surface of the face or body
Telangiectasias Lotion — small visible blood vessels on the surface of the face or body
Thrush Cream — (for vaginal thrush)
ThrushLess (See Candida)
TravelSickness - go to MotionLess
Urine Flow - see WaterLess and WaterMore
Vertigo (see Labyrinthitis Tonic)
Vitamin D3 4000 iu (100ug) 120 capsules
Wart Cream for genital warts
Yehimbe Tincture not available, see HerbalV8 or contact us for alternatives eg Muira Puama, Catuaba, Horny Goat Weed, Suo Yang, He Shou Wu
Zinc 15mg (as citrate) 180 tablets

Cosmetics - Facecare

Aloe Day AquaCream
Eye Lotion — to tighten the skin around your eyes
EyeBath (for EyeDrops)
EyeDrops to clear the eyes (use in an EyeBath) — helps clear tear ducts, inflamed lids, cysts, styles, eyes; to be used in an EyeBath
Face and Neck Skin Tightening Lotion
Green Man (Oak Leaves) Face Tightening Mask for Men
Hemp AquaCream
Maca Root Face Mask
MouthShield Toothpaste
Nasal Congestion Drops
Oat and Elm in Honey Mask
Sea Purslane and MarshMallow Mask
Seaweed and Comfrey Day AquaCream
Sinus Decongestion Spray
Wheatgrass Moisture Cream — exquisite for skin with fresh wheatgrass
Wild Yam Lip Cream

Cosmetics - Haircare

Bhringaraj Hair Oil and Conditioner — famous Asian hair oil to improve growth and condition
Hair Oil (see Bhringaraj Coconut Hair Oil organic)
HerbalHairColours (see hair colours)
SkinClear Shampoo Powder - New! Even more soapy

Cosmetics - Skincare Body

Aloe Vera Gel Lotion
Black Zalve with zinc chloride — Black Zalve paste with zinc chloride made to the original recipe of herbs is a fast-acting treatment to achieve an eschar within days; to be used on areas up to 2.5cm; free support given by medical herbalist Alan Hopking.
Body Massage Oil
Cellulite Massage Lotion
Coconut Deodorant
Hand Toning Lotion
Healthy-Feet Lotion
Legs Veins Lotion Spray
Mallow Body Powder (no talc) Fragrance Free
MelasmaLess Cream — herbs for over-pigmentation of areas of the skin
MelasmaLess Lotion — herbs for over-pigmentation of areas of the skin
Rose Water
Shh Massage Lotion
SkinClear Soap Powder
VitiligoLess Cream
VitiligoLess Lotion
White Deodorant Cream
Witch Hazel Water — for external use; a good skin antioxidant and a classic skin astringent toner

Cosmetics - General Use

Air Freshener Spray

Single herbal tinctures

(not all herbs are available all year round and some are difficult to source)
Acacia catechu Tincture (Black Catechu, Er Cha)
Acanthopanax gracilistylus Tincture (Acanthopanax root bark, Wu Jia Pi)
Achillea millefolium Tincture (Yarrow leaf and flower)
Aconite carmichaeli Tincture (Aconite Fu Zi, Chuan Wu Tou) (A. napellus) practitioners only
Acorus calamus Tincture (Sweet Flag root)
Acorus gramineus Tincture (Chinese Sweet Flag root, Shi Chang Pi)
Adiantum capillus-veneris Tincture (Maidenhair Fern, fern and rhizome)
Adonis vernalis Tincture (False Hellebore) practitioners only — Unavailable at this time
Aegopodium podagraria Tincture — Ground Elder, Goutweed, herb and root
Aesculus hippocastanum Tincture (Horsechestnut)
Agastache rugosa Tincture (Agastachis tops, Huo Xiang)
Agathosma betulina Tincture (Buchu leaf)
Agrimonia eupatoria Tincture (Agrimony herb)
Agropyron repens Tincture (Couch Grass herb)
Alchemilla vulgaris Tincture (Ladies Mantle leaf)
Aletris farinosa Tincture (Unicorn root)
Allium sativum Tincture (Garlic bulb, Da Suan)
Aloe vera gel (Aloe Gel) 1:1 - strong alcohol-free extract
Aloe vera Tincture (A. ferox) (Black Aloe, Lu Hui)
Alpinia officinarum Tincture (Galangal rhizome, Gao Liang Jiang)
Althea officinalis Tincture (Marshmallow root)
Ammi visnaga Tincture (Khella seed)
Andrographis paniculata Tincture (Andrographis herb)
Anemone pulsatilla Tincture (Pasque flower)
Anethum graveolens Tincture (Dill Weed)
Angelica archangelica Tincture (Angelica root)
Angelica dahurica Tincture (Bai Zhi, root)
Angelica pubescens Tincture (Du Huo root)
Angelica sinensis Tincture (Chinese Angelica root, Dang Gui)
Aphanes arvensis Tincture (Parsley Piert) (= Alchemilla arvensis)
Apium graveolens Tincture (Celery Seed)
Aralia racemosa Tincture (Spikenard gum) - no longer available on our list (please enquire)
Arctium lappa Tincture (Burdock root)
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Tincture (Bearberry, Uva Ursi leaf)
Areca catechu Tincture (Betel Palm Nut, Bing Lang) - no longer available
Armoracia rusticana Tincture (Horseradish root)
Arnica montana (Arnica flowers) Oil (organic sunflower oil extract)
Arnica montana Tincture (Arnica flowers)
Artemisia absinthium Tincture (Wormwood herb)
Artemisia vulgaris Tincture (Mugwort, Ai Ye [argyi, leaves])
Asclepias tuberosa Tincture (Pleurisy root)
Asparagus racemosus Tincture (Shatavari)
Asplenium scolopendrium Tincture (Harts Tongue, Godshar leaf)
Astragalus membranaceus Tincture (Astragalus root, Huang Qi)
Atractylodes lancea Tincture (Thistle, Cang Zhu)
Atropa belladonna Tincture (Belladonna flowers and tops) practitioners only
Avena sativa Tincture (Oat Straw)
Azadirachta indica Tincture (Neem, Nimba, leaves)
Bacopa monnieri Tincture (Bacopa brahmi, root)
Ballota nigra Tincture (Black Horehound tops)
Baptisia tinctoria Tincture (Wild Indigo root)
Berberis aquifolium Tincture (Mahonia; Oregon Grape root)
Berberis vulgaris Tincture (Barberry bark)
Betula alba Tincture (Silver Birch leaves)
Biota orientalis Tincture (Arborvitae tops, Ce Bai Ye, Cupressaceae)
Borago officinalis Tincture (Borage leaves)
Boswellia carterii Tincture (Mastic Tree, Frankincense, Ru Xiang)
Brassica alba Tincture (White Mustard Seed, Bai Jie Zi)
Brionia dioica Tincture (White Bryony root) practitioners only
Bupleurum scorzoneraefolium Tincture (Thorowax or Hares Ear root, Chai Hu)
Calendula officinalis Tincture (Marigold flowers)
Calluna vulgaris Tincture (Heather flowers, leaves)
Camellia sinensis Tincture (Green Tea)
Capsella bursa-pastoris Tincture (Shepherd’s Purse herb, Ji Cai)
Capsicum minimum Tincture (Cayenne pepper)
Carduus benedictus Tincture (Holy Thistle aerial parts = Cnicus ben.)
Carthamus tinctorius Tincture (Safflower flowers, Hong Hua)
Carum carvi Tincture (Caraway seeds)
Cassia angustifolia Tincture (Senna leaf and pods, Fan Xie Ye leaf)
Cassia tora Tincture (Cassia seed, Jue Ming Zi)
Caulophyllum thalictroides Tincture (Blue Cohosh rhizomes and roots)
Centella asiatica Tincture (Gotu Cola aerial parts) (= Hydrocotyl asiatica)
Cephaelis ipecacuanha Tincture (Ipecacuanha root and rhizome)
Cetraria islandica Tincture (Iceland Moss)
Chamaelirium lutea Tincture (False Unicorn root) practitioners only
Chelidonium majus Tincture (Greater Celandine aerial parts) practitioners only
Chelone glabra Tincture (Balmony aerial parts)
Chionanthus virginica Tincture (Fringe-tree root bark)
Chondrus crispus Tincture (Irish Moss, Carrageen)
Chrysanthemum morifolium Tincture (Chrysanthemum fl, Ju Hua)
Chrysanthemum parthenium Tincture (Feverfew leaf)
Cibotium barometz Tincture (Cibot rhizome, Gou Ji)
Cimicifuga foetida Tincture (Cimicifuga tuber, Sheng Ma)
Cimicifuga racemosa Tincture (Black Cohosh root) practitioners only
Cinchona officinalis Tincture (Peruvian Bark) practitioners only
Cinnamomum camphora Tincture (Camphor, Zhang Nao)
Cinnamomum cassia Tincture (Cinnamon twigs, Gui Zhi)
Cinnamomum japonicum Tincture (Cinnamon bark Gui Pi)
Cinnamomum zeylanicum Tincture (Cinnamon inner bark)
Cistanche salsa Tincture (Broomrape fleshy stems, Rou Cong Rong)
Citrus reticulata Tincture (Mandarin Orange, pericarp of tangerine/mandarin, Chen Pi)
Cnidium monnieri Tincture (Umbelliferae; Conidium fruit, She Chung Zi fruits)
Codonopsis pilosula Tincture (Poor Man’s Ginseng, Dang Shen root)
Cola vera Tincture (Kola nuts)
Coleus forskohlii Tincture (Forskolin, Makandi)
Collinsonia canadensis Tincture (Stone root)
Commiphora molmol Tincture (Myrrh)
Convallaria majus Tincture (Lily of Valley leaves) practitioners only
Coptis chinensis Tincture (Golden Thread root, Huang Lian)
Cordyceps sinensis Tincture (Cordyceps, Dong Chong Xia Cao)
Coriandrum sativum Tincture (Coriander seed)
Crataegus oxyacanthoides Tincture (Hawthorn leaf, flower, berry)
Curcuma longa Tincture (Tumeric root, Jiang Huang)
Cuscuta chinensis Tincture (Dodder seed, Tu Si Zi)
Cynomorium songaricum Tincture (Cynomorium stem, Suo Yang)
Cytisus scoparius Tincture (Broom tops)
Datura stramonium Tincture (Thorn Apple, Jimson Weed, leaves, flowers; D. metel - Yang Jin Hua) practitioners only
Daucus carota Tincture (Wild Carrot aerial parts)
Dioscorea villosa Tincture (Wild Yam root)
Dipsacus asper or D. japonicus Tincture (Dipsacus root, Teasel root; Xu Duan)
Dorema ammoniacum Tincture (Dorema gum)
Dracaena draco Tincture (Dragon Tree resin, Dragon’s Blood; Xue Jie)
Echinacea angustifolia Tincture (Purple Cone Flower root)
Eclipta prostrata Tincture (Han Lian Cao, whole plant)
Elettaria cardamomum Tincture (Cardamon seeds)
Eleutherococcus senticosus Tincture (Siberian Ginseng root)
Ephedra sinica Tincture (Ephedra stems, Ma Huang) practitioners only
Epilobium parviflorum Tincture (Small Flower Willow Herb, herb)
Epimedium grandiflorum Tincture (Horny Goat Weed, yin yang huo, aerial part of the herb)
Equisetum arvense Tincture (Horsetail sterile stems)
Erythrea centaurium Tincture (Centaury aerial parts)
Erythroxylum catuaba Tincture (Catuaba bark)
Eschscholtzia californica Tincture (California Poppy, flowering tops)
Eucalyptus globulus Tincture (Eucalyptus tuberculosis, leaf)
Eucommia ulmoides Tincture (Eucommia bark, Du Zhong)
Eugenia caryophyllata Tincture (Cloves, Ding Xiang)
Euonymus atropurpureus Tincture (Wahoo root bark)
Eupatorium perfoliatum Tincture (Boneset flowering tops) 
Eupatorium purpureum Tincture (Gravel root)
Euphorbia hirta Tincture (Asthma Weed herb) (= Euphorbia pilulifera, Pill Spurge)
Euphoria longan Tincture (Longan aril, Long Yan Rou)
Euphrasia officinale Tincture (Eyebright flowering tops)
Fagopyrum esculentum Tincture (Buckwheat leaves and flowers)
Ferula asafoetida Tincture (Asafoetida, Devil’s Dung, Food of the Gods)
Filipendula ulmaria Tincture (Meadowsweet flowering tops)
Foeniculum vulgare Tincture (Fennel seeds, Hui Xiang)
Forsythia suspensa Tincture (Forsythia fruit, Lian Qiao)
Fritillaria cirrhosa Tincture (Tendrilled Fritillary bulb, Liliaceae, Chuan Bei Mu)
Fucus vesiculosus Tincture (Bladderwrack)
Fumaria officinalis Tincture (Fumitory flowering tops)
Galega officinalis Tincture (Goat’s Rue flowering tops)
Galium aparine Tincture (Cleavers flowering tops)
Ganoderma lucidum Tincture (Ganoderma mushroom, whole; Ling Zhi)
Garcinia cambogia Tincture (Garcinia, Brindle Berry, fruit)
Gelsemium sempervirens Tincture (Yellow Jasmine root) practitioners only
Gentiana lutea Tincture (Gentian root)
Gentiana macrophylla Tincture (Large Leaf Gentian root, Qin Jiao)
Geranium maculatum Tincture (American Cranesbill root)
Geum urbanum Tincture (Avens flowering tops)
Ginkgo biloba Tincture (Ginkgo leaf, Bai Guo)
Glechoma hederacea Tincture (Ground Ivy flowering tops)
Glycyrrhiza glabra, G. uralensis Tincture (Licorice root, Gan Cao)
Gnaphalium uliginosum Tincture (Cudweed)
Grindelia camporum Tincture (Grindelia flowering tops)
Guaiacum officinale Tincture (Lignum vitae; Guaiac heartwood)
Gymnema sylvestre Tincture (Gymnema leaf)
Halimione portulacoides Tincture (Sea Purslane leaf)
Hamamelis virginiana Tincture (Witch Hazel bark)
Harpagophytum procumbens Tincture (Devil’s Claw tuber)
Hemp seed Tincture (Hemp seed, Huo Ma Ren)
Houttuynia cordata Tincture (Lizard tail, Fishwort, tops of herb, Yu Xing Cao)
Humulus lupulus Tincture (Hops strobiles)
Hydrangea arborescens Tincture (Hydrangea rhizome)
Hydrastis canadensis Tincture (Golden Seal root)
Hyoscyamus niger Tincture (Henbane) practitioners only
Hypericum perforatum Tincture (St John’s Wort, flowering tops)
Hyssopus officinalis Tincture (Hyssop flowering tops)
Ilex paraguariensis Tincture (Mate, Yerba Mate leaves)
Indigofera suffruticosa Tincture (Indigo root, Qing Dai)
Iris versicolor Tincture (Blue Flag rhizome)
Isatis tinctoria Tincture (Common Woad, Da Qin Ye, leaf)
Jateorhiza palmata Tincture (Calumba root)
Juglans cinerea, J. nigra Tincture (Black Walnut husks, Butternut bark, leaf)
Juniperus communis Tincture (Juniper, ripe fruit)
Krameria triandra Tincture (Rhatany root)
Lactuca virosa Tincture (Wild Lettuce leaves)
Lamium album Tincture (Deadnettle herb)
Larrea mexicana Tincture (Chaparral leaf) practitioners only
Lavandula officinalis Tincture (Lavender flowers)
Lentinula edodes Tincture (Shitake mushroom)
Leonurus cardiaca Tincture (Motherwort flowering tops)
Leptandra virginica Tincture (Black Root, Culver’s Root)
Ligusticum wallichii Tincture (Szechwan lovage, Chuan Xiong)
Lilium pumilum Tincture (Lily bulb, Bai He)
Linum usitatissimum Tincture (Flax, Linseed)
Lipidium meyenii Tincture (Maca root)
Liriosma ovata Tincture (Muira-puama root)
Lobelia inflata Tincture (Lobelia flowering tops) practitioners only
Lomatium dissectum Tincture (Lomatium root)
Loranthus parasiticus Tincture (Mulberry Mistletoe leafy branches, Sang Ji Sheng)
Lycopus europaeus Tincture (Bugleweed flowering tops, Gypsywort)
Lysimachia christinae Tincture (Gold Coin Grass, Jin Qian Cao)
Magnolia liliflora Tincture (Magnolia tree floral buds, Xin Yi)
Marrubium vulgare White Tincture (Horehound herb)
Marsdenia cundurango Tincture (Condurango bark)
Matricaria recutita Tincture (Chamomile flowers)
Medicago sativa Tincture (Alfalfa herb)
Melilotus officinalis Tincture (Melilot flowering tops)
Melissa officinalis Tincture (Lemon Balm herb)
Mentha piperita Tincture (Peppermint herb)
Mentha pulegium Tincture (Pennyroyal herb) practitioners only
Menyanthes trifoliata Tincture (Bogbean leaves)
Mitchella repens Tincture (Squaw Vine plant)
Momordica charantia Tincture (Bitter Melon fruit)
Morinda officinalis Tincture (Morinda, Noni root, Ba Ji Tian)
Myrica cerifera Tincture (Bayberry bark)
Myristica fragrans Tincture (Nutmeg, Rou Dou Kou) practitioners only
Nelumbo nucifera Tincture (Lotus leaf, He Ye)
Nepeta cataria Tincture (Catmint herb)
Ocimum sanctum Tincture — Syn. O. tenuiflorum. Tulsi, tulasi, Sacred or Holy Basil leaf and flower
Ocymum basilicum Tincture (Basil leaf)
Oldenlandia diffusa Tincture (Bai Hua She She Cao, whole herb)
Olea europaea Tincture (Olive Tree Leaf)
Paeonia lactiflora Tincture (Peony root, Bai Shou Yao)
Panax ginseng Tincture (Ginseng root, Chinese/Korean Ginseng, Ren Shen)
Panax notoginseng Tincture (Notoginseng root, San Qi)
Panax quinquefolium Tincture (American Ginseng root; Xi Yang Shen)
Papaver somniferum Tincture (Poppy, dried empty capsules, Ying Su Ke)
Parietaria diffusa Tincture (Pellitory of the Wall flowering herb)
Passiflora incarnata Tincture (Passion Flower)
Paullinia cupana Tincture (Guarana seed)
Pausinystalia yehimbe Tincture (Corynanthe, Yehimbe) practitioners only
Petasites vulgaris Tincture (Butterbur root and leaf)
Petroselinum crispum Tincture (Parsley root)
Peumus boldo Tincture (Boldo leaves)
Pfaffia paniculata Tincture (Suma root)
Phellodendron amurense Tincture (Cork Tree bark, Huang Bai)
Phragmites communis Tincture (Reed Grass roots, rhizome and stem, Lu Gen)
Phytolacca decandra Tincture (Poke root)
Picrasma excelsor Tincture (Quassia stem-wood)
Picrorrhiza kurrooa Tincture (Picrorrhiza, root, Hu Huang Lian)
Pimenta officinalis Tincture (Allspice)
Pimpinella anisum Tincture (Aniseed)
Pinellia ternata Tincture (Processed Pinellia tuber, Fa Ban Xia)
Piper methysticum Tincture (Kava Kava root) practitioners only
Piscidia erythrina Tincture (Jamaican Dogwood root bark)
Plantago lanceolata Tincture (Ribwort/Plantain leaves)
Plantago psyllium Tincture (Psyllium seed)
Podophyllum peltanum Tincture (American Mandrake, root or rhizome) practitioners only
Polygala senega Tincture (Senega, Snake root)
Polygala tenuifolia Tincture (Chinese Senega root, Yuan Zhi)
Polygonum bistorta Tincture (Bistort root)
Polygonum cuspidatum Tincture (Japanese Knotweed root; Hu Zhang).
Polygonum hydropiper Tincture (Smartweed)
Polygonum multiflorum Tincture (Fleece flower root, He Shou Wu)
Populus candicans Tincture (Balm of Gilead winter leaf buds)
Populus tremuloides Tincture (White Poplar bark)
Poria cocos Tincture (Tuckahoe, Indian Bread root fungus, Fu Ling)
Potentilla tormentilla Tincture (Tormentil rhizome)
Primula veris Tincture (Cowslip flowers)
Propolis Resin Tincture (Propolis Bee pollen)
Prunella vulgaris Tincture (Self-heal, flower spike, Xia Ku Cao)
Prunus serotina Tincture (Wild Cherry bark)
Psoralea corylifolia Tincture (Psoralea fruit, Bu Gu Zhi)
Pueraria lobata Tincture (Kudzu Vine Root, Ge Gen)
Pulmonaria officinalis Tincture (Lungwort leaves)
Quercus robur Tincture (Oak inner bark)
Ranunculus ficaria Tincture (Pilewort herb)
Rehmannia glutinosa Tincture (Rehmannia prepared root, Shu Di Huang)
Rhamnus frangula Tincture (Alder Buckthorn bark)
Rhamnus purshiana Tincture (Cascara bark)
Rheum palmatum Tincture (Rhubarb root, Da Huang)
Rhodiola rosea Tincture (Golden root)
Rhus aromatica Tincture (Sweet Sumach root bark)
Rhus toxicodendron Tincture (Poison Ivy leaves and stems) practitioners only
Rosa spp. Tincture (Rose petals, heads)
Rosmarinus officinalis Tincture (Rosemary leaf and flower)
Rubia cordifolia Tincture (Madder root, Qian Cao Gen)
Rubus coreanus Tincture (Blackberry unripe berries, Fu Pen Zi)
Rubus ideus Tincture (Raspberry leaves)
Rumex crispus Tincture (Yellow Dock root)
Ruscus aculeatus Tincture (Butchers Broom herb and root)
Ruta graveolens Tincture (Rue herb)