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Your potions and medicine are the best in the land. Kind regards, Camilla


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What's the herbal answer? Colds/Antiviral Tonic

PLEASE NOTE: Herbactive Clinic and Shop are closed for patients and customers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Orders by our webstore, email or by phone only. All orders are shipped the same day. Consultations by phone by appointment only. FRIDAY 4 SEPTEMBER THE SHOP REOPENS TO THE PUBLIC - ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME (MASKS MUST BE WORN AND HANDS MUST BE SPRAYED WITH OUR ANTI-VIRUS SPRAY WHEN ENTERING THE SHOP).


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Thank you Alan for giving me my life and health back and my children are all so grateful for how you have changed my life.
Jennifer. Portsmouth UK


I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me, I honestly adore and appreciate you SO much Alan.  Dee. USA


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Herbactive has been nominated for an award!
Herbactive is placed on the short list by The Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 
The Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards seek to recognise the international community operating within the fields of holistic, alternative and complementary medicine.


"I used my natural health protocol and Alan Hopking's amazing natural health products with my positive mind to defeat cancer x"

Read about this amazing journey here


Dear Alan, The last prescription was very good for me. Your remedies are like magic. I am so pleased with the result I was very very ill when I started taking it and now I feel human again. Thank you. Sabire


Dear Alan, Firstly, thank you so much for the time you took to discuss and understand all my various health issues. From the first day of taking my prescription, I began to feel like a different person and this good feeling has been increasing ever since! Once again I can’t thank you enough - this has been a life changer for me and I have been recommending your website to everyone who tells me how well I’m looking!
Kindest regards Faye


I can't thank you enough for being there with all your amazing remedies.
Jude. UK


I am so grateful to you, your tonics are amazing and have helped me in so many ways.
Very best wishes Maggie. UK


121 Herbal Health Tonics

Highly specific, scientifically crafted, medicinally proven, botanicals, honed to improve your health; no short-cuts, no compromises: Herbactive Personal Prescriptions and Tonics - for Life.
Do you want to receive a Personal Prescription for your specific needs? Contact Alan Hopking by phone or email to find out how you can start your journey to vibrant health.

Over 400 Organic Herbal Tinctures* Start Shopping - click on the menu or go to prices.
Herbactive ..... there's more to taste
*Our herbal tinctures are formulated by Herbactive Ltd in compliance with the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia Herbal Monographs,
and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia. Herbactive Tonics are crafted formulations and prescriptions using these crafted tinctures by Master Herbalist of over 35 years
Mr. A. N. Hopking MA MNIMH.

"Hi Alan, Just a note to let you know the package came today, thank you for being so efficient and prompt! Also I have to say the packaging, literature, receipt and presentation is superb and was a joy to receive, thank you so much. With the clear and very helpful instructions, I have started the regime today and will keep you updated.  I love the products already! With much appreciation and many thanks." Rita. UK

I am coming to you for one of your amazing miracle remedy! Thank you ever so much. Take the greatest care of yourself, the Wolrd needs you, Keep on shinning bright, Amitiés et Pensées, Isabelle

I just wanted to thank you for your helpful and efficient service. I couldn't believe it when I received my complete order today after only emailing you about it yesterday. I'm feeling so much stronger than I was when I left hospital and I'm sure the Herbshield tonic, slippery elm and marshmallow powder and ABC powder are responsible for that. Leonie


Hi Alan, Really looking forward to receiving the herbals and would like to thank you for providing such a great service with 'natural. organic healthy ingredients. As I said I eat organic foods and take care of my health so I truly appreciate finding someone like yourself who is so passionate and caring about the health of others!! Thank you!!! Biba. London



A Whole Range of Botanical Products for Your Health - we are the HerbalHealth SuperStore of Great Britain, "We can make anything and everything for anyone and everyone!" Personal Herbal Prescriptions and Specific Tonics and Tinctures are available, including Herbactive Cosmetics. All at our online herbal superstore

 "Alan, my treatment's been brilliant over a bad time. Many thanks!! kirsty"

The BBC reports that 5 BILLION people in the world rely on herbal medicine for their primary health care.
Yes, 5 BILLION! I'm one of those! Are you?
Source: UMM Medical Center 2016

For information about modern herbal treatments and our products please email info[at]herbactive.co.uk or phone 0800 0834436

We promote a healthy ketogenic diet, Clean Eating, in harmony with the planet - fresh, organic foods and a healthy lifestyle to improve your wellness.

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Herbactive website has been set up to provide information about herbs and herbal medicine - about using herbs for health, prevention and treatment. We present up-to-date research studies from around the world along with traditional uses of herbs. It is not Herbactive's aim or purpose to provide advice about or treatments for illnesses or cures of disease and any of their symptoms. We recommend people should always seek specialist medical advice. Everyone is different and illness or serious disease demands individual treatment requiring many angles (medical, dietary and lifestyle) to be individualized. Herbactive is proactive, helping you to make more informed choices to increase your personal ability to beat dis-ease using herbs.


Dear Alan, Thank you ever so much. I cannot thank you enough for the continued support you provide via your emails. You are truly like an angel, holding my hand through this difficult time !
Kind Regards, N.V., UK

"I think your products are simply amazing.I know that I am enriching my health and body through using them.I am so glad I discovered you and your products!!.I honestly couldn't do without them now.
I love also the fact that you are growing and developing and adding to your range constantly."JM Belfast


Dr Alan, You’re the best, I bless the day I found you, you’re a Godsend JD. USA


Alan,  you are an 'unbelievable' human being, you give so many people 'out there' renewed faith.  The testimonies say it all.  I am a HUGE fan! I can't thank you enough. OBrien. Australia


Hi Alan, I have taken quite a lot of the herbs since they arrived because I felt as if I was succumbing to minor things and it works like magic. I am still taking the ABC powder daily too. Claire. Cornwall, UK


Dear Alan, My husband and I have now been seeing you for over 30 years and during this period you have helped us with all of our medical problems - we rarely see our GP. Peter and I cannot thank you enough for all your knowledge and kindness over the years. Kind regards, Wendy and Peter. Hampshire. UK

Alan, I can only tell you once again how truly and profoundly blessed I am to know you.  God has brought me around another bend in my life (and you are there to point the way) :)  I couldn’t be more relieved and grateful to have you to reach out to.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing what God gave you with others, like me.  You are a worldwide inspiration.  dbird. USA

I remain in awe of you, you know so much and you’re so willing to share your knowledge and wisdom.. Dee Seilo


I am loving your herbs, starting to feel much more energetic and alive, also my Hubby is feeling much better on the Abc powder.
Again heaps of gratitude. Laine. Gold Coast, Australia


I am so thankful to you beyond words. You are God sent. Ingrid


Dear Mr Hopking, I just wanted to say thank you for all you've done for me over the years; my health has never been better and I haven't taken any drugs since soon after I came to see you in a desperate state of health. I don't know what I'd do if you weren't there, as I still require ongoing treatment from you; you're a very important part of my life. Alexandra

Again Alan, huge gratitude for your tireless commitment to 'our' health you are very much appreciated...I still can't believe how fortunate I was to 'happen' on your website.
All my best wishes. Warm regards. L.O. Aust.

Hi Alan. Thank you for your help and wonderful tonics.  I hope you never retire! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter. God bless. Anne


Herbactive Clinic - Consultations
A Professional Clinical Herbal Physician for over 35 years


Alan N. Hopking

Herbal Practitioner and Director of Herbactive
Freephone 0800 0834436

Herbactive ..... there's more to taste


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Dear Alan, I booked to see you and expected to pay for my consultation but you refused saying your first consultations were now all free, to match our GP clinics. All I paid for was my prescription. Fantastic service. Now we have no excuse to get herbal medicine in place of drug treatment. Thank you, you truly are the people's herbalist!
Veronica M. Southampton.

Dear Alan, I am so grateful to you for your advice and help and herbal medicines.
You are an Earth Angel.
kindest regards and gratitude.
Katherine Hampton

Hi Alan, I came to see you yesterday for my second (low cost) consultation (thank you it helps so much in these hard times). I had severe symptoms of tiredness, aches and pains and insomnia... a week later there was a big shift in my body and now over a month on your treatment and I'm nearly 100% again. I keep waiting for a relapse but instead I'm feeling better and better! I'm really happy again. Thank you, thank you so much. Ruth

Dear Alan, The herbs arrived all beautifully packed. Thank you so much.
Sincerely, Susan Carlock, Portugal.

Hello Alan
Thank you as always for your quality products and service.
Best wishes
Angie Hudson. Cyprus

Hello Alan, I am so glad I have found you, your products are the best, - certainly the best site anywhere I feel. You are a really genuine and spiritual person who really likes to help people. May god bless and keep you strong also.
Kind regards and appreciation.
Katherine Pettitt

When conventional doctors couldn't do anything to help me, I turned to the internet to try and find something/anything that could. I happened upon Herbactive and wow it is miraculous! If the results themselves are not enough, the service you get is both incredibly convenient and extremely professional. I will always be going herbactive from now on! Kelin Phillipson

My mood is great these days and I attribute so much to your magical herbs, thank you so much Alan. Stay happy and follow your bliss.
Thanks Alan, sending you lots of love and good wishes!!,

Dear Mr Alan,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say many thanks you the wonderful service I received from you today. It was good sent to me these valuable leaflets and I am over the moon with the quality of the product. Got it within one day only!!
I really appreciate it you dispatched the product very quickly with very nice packing.
Thanks again and for sure I will not hesitate to recommend your company to others.
I will place other orders by near future,
Kindest regards

Alan, I am very happy with your products, it is easy to notice they are genuine and pure. Everytime I take tonics I instantly feel energy going through my body. Its a great feeling.
Ruta B.

Dear Alan, A quick note to thank you for your exceptional products. My depression has always been alleviated by going for a run but when I became ill with CFS I was unable to run and struggled to walk. I struggled with CFS for about 6 years, which got worse and worse as did my depression. Since using your Tireless Tonic with the ABC Daily supplement (4 months ago) I have begun running again and now run every 2nd day for about 1 hour! Most astonishing is that I have no negative after effects of my run - no headache, no exhaustion and only enjoy the positive effects.
Thank you once again!
With kindest regards
Wendy Addison

Dear Alan, The herbs seem to have an overall good effect not only on my health, but also on the subtler bodies .... This may have also been effected since I started reading your book ... This book touched me deeply. it seems that your book touches a new level within. I am so grateful for your work!
Best regards,
Monika. Berlin.

Dear Alan,
This just a note to say thank you for all the treatments which Always WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kind regards,
Roberta. Hampshire

Dear Alan, I am very happy with the vitality of the bulk herbs you sent me last week. we did energy testing on them, and we could both feel the energy moving in different ways in my body with each herb. Then we compared them to the same herbs that I have been buying here in Portugal, and yours were so much more powerful. And they smell so good too. I am glad I have found you.
Susan. Portugal.

The last bottle was very good and the ABC powder is fantastic! Thank you for doing such a great job.
Shannon H. Australia

Hello there Alan, I wanted to write a testimonial for your website, if you see fit to publish it, here goes;
'I have been a regular customer of Alan's for nearly two years. It was a godsend that I came across his website after having read an article he had written in a magazine. Through every possible scenario I have encountered in the last two years, Alan's herb tonics and powders have provided an answer. I am more and more convinced everyday that Alan is the best at what he does. He is a lovely man who is genuine and who I enjoy conversing with. I am in great admiration of his work and feel he is playing such a huge role in facilitating numerous people back to their natural state of good health. Alan inspires me and it would be my greatest dream to be able to do what he does at some stage in the future.
Thank you Alan from Gemma and Rosaleen, Northern Ireland

"Hi Alan,
It's nice talking to you on the telephone. Thanks so much for your time and explaining things to me. I very much appreciate it.
I cannot wait to receive the order to start off immediately.
I have gone through your site and am quite impressed of what I saw. I have really found a source for my subsequent orders.
I have more confident that I will beat this disease and I trust you will help me do that.
Thanks and remain blessed
Pat. Denmark

Alan, The products you sent were in great shape and I started right away with the dosing. I do so appreciate the manner in which you conduct your business. It is very refreshing to deal with someone who truly understands what value and principles are. Again thank you so much for your diligence. I will be in touch as I see results from products.
Kind Regards
Kay, Arkansas USA


Rebuilding and Enhancing your Immune System

I'll not beat about the bush! I'll summarize what I've said about the advantage of the Herbal Tonics Health Maintenance Programme. How good can your immune system be (taking all the supplements and health foods you want in the world) if your colon is impacted with old faecal matter? How much benefit can any supplement have if your liver is 80% shut down and absorption from your digestive system is choked like a sieve that has most of its holes blocked whereby more toxins are reabsorbed than nutrients and your blood and intestines are filled with parasites, bacteria, viruses, and sludge?
The bottom line is that there is no "magic bullet" (no cure) so long as you have not optimized all your major body systems. You can do this most effectively and safely using specific herbal health tonics e.g. LiverDetox, LymphCleanse, WormLess for parasites, LungShield, Total Detox, KidneyShield, HerbShield, BreastShield, BloodCleanser, CatarrhLess, etc. All our systems need to be regularly cleansed for optimal function so that the food we eat and the exercise and sleep we take is properly utilized for our health and happiness.
I have outlined (in detail!) a month by month programme for you to optimize your health and vitality whatever your age. Find out all about it. It is called PROST.

>Get started now order your herbal treatment now

We want you to enjoy unbelievable health (and happiness). We know, and thousands of our customers and clients can testify, that our herbal health tonics can greatly improve your energy, immunity and overall health, see their comments

>>Get started now email for free advice from herbal practitioner:   alanhopking@herbactive.co.uk

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Herbal medicine for all people
Phytothérapie pour tous
Kräutermedizin für alle Menschen
Bylinné léky pro všechny lidi
Ziołolecznictwo dla wszystkich ludzi
Hierbas medicinales para todas las personas
الأدوية العشبية لجميع الناسal'adwiat aleashabiat lajamie alnaas
Kruidengeneesmiddelen voor alle mensen
所有人的草药 Suǒyǒu rén de cǎoyào
Urte medicin til alle mennesker
Örtermedicin för alla människor
Rohdosvalmiste kaikille ihmisille
მცენარეული მედიცინის ყველა ადამიანი

mtsenareuli meditsinis q’vela adamiani

Φυτική ιατρική για όλους τους ανθρώπους Fytikí iatrikí gia ólous tous anthrópous
Gyógynövény minden ember számára
Leigheas luibhe do gach duine
Medicina di erbe per tutte le persone
Фитотерапия для всех людей Fitoterapiya dlya vsekh lyudey
すべての人のための漢方薬 Subete no hitonotame no kanpōyaku
Bylinné lieky pre všetkých ľudí
Фітотерапія для всіх людей
Fitoterapiya dlya vsikh lyudey
Meddygaeth llysieuol i bawb
Amayeza emfuyo kubo bonke abantu
Imithi yamagciwane kubo bonke abantu


What's news?

*Hormonal changes from 35-45 in both women and men can mean developing a bulging belly resistant to flattening exercises. How to treat oestrogen dominance

*Inflammation of organs, or systems, or general chronic inflammation has become widespread. What is the cause? What is the treatment? Find out about inflammation in the body

*We have developed an alternative deodorant for women and men described by a customer who has a strong smelling husband as 'marvellous' and 'never had anything so effective!' - herbal deodorant

* "We have always taken supplements but don’t believe any have worked as well and as quickly as your ABC Daily Powder. Again thank you for all you do." Kay (USA)

* Ever heard of Bacopa? This is the new ginkgo. It is an Indian marsh plant that has been found to be very helpful on the brain and memory, improving cognition and recall. We include Bacopa in the ABC Daily Powder, ForgetLess, MentalPepTalk, MoodStepUp, SynergyPluss, and other products. Read more about Bacopa

* HIV/AIDs - research shows a potential herbal cure, see immune system

* Spring is coming! Time to prepare for it by reducing your weight!

* What's the hubbub about the Paleo Diet for life? Yes we agree with it, we've promoted it down the years, but didn't know its name! Find out more about the Paleo Diet and be ready to feel the ancient vibe in modern design

* At last we get our hands on Pygeum from Africa. Cultivation of this important herb for the prostate gland for export has been a long time in coming. We are very pleased to say it is now part of the formulae for ProstateLess and HerbalV8 for men. Find out more about Pygeum for the Prostate.

* Have you heard of MoodStepUp Tonic? It's specifically formulated to enhance the action of your neurotransmitters, to raise your mood if you feel low. Find out about MoodStepUp

* The latest diet found by science to be the most effective for losing weight and restoring good health - weight loss latest

* Keep your hair on - haer! haer!

* Have you seen our new programme for you, for the year - PROST

* A 2011 review study concluded that Stevia sweeteners would likely benefit diabetic patients, says the International Journal of Food Science. see Stevia

* Dupuytrens Contracture is a condition with an unknown cause, but it has a link to sugar and alcohol. Find out more about herbal treatment for Dupuytrens

* The dark afternoons have already begun to draw in! What about your vitamin D? Eat more fish, or if you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Adjustment) Syndrome) we can help with herbs...see SAD

* Constipation can be the cause of spots, eczema, depression, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, no energy, poor sleep... read about the two types of constipation

* Moisturize your skin with our Wheatgrass Moisture Cream, made with fresh wheatgrass juice - wheatgrass moisture cream

* Did you know you could claim up to £45 of FREE tonics every time you refer a patient or custumer to us? see details free-tonics

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